Chrome replacement

Functional coatings

Due to the carcinogenic and mutagenic effect of chromium trioxide, Hard Chrome is prohibited from September 21st, 2017, if there is not an authorization present, which covers the usage. Many companies – especially those who are committed to sustainability – therefore currently intensively looking to find alternative coating processes for their respective applications.

However, we at the MTV NT GmbH assume that it will not give only one replacement for all Hard Chrome applications. Rather, we develop special functional coatings and coating combinations that are adapted to the respective applications individually. Therefore, we have developed for the offshore sector with NiL35® a high performance coating, which was systematically tuned to optimal resistance against seawater.

Many Hard Chrome applications in the mechanical and plant engineering the MTV replaces currently with Bronze coatings, where we use the Admiral, Hard or even White Bronze depending on the environment. In the sector of printing machines and press manufacturers, we already changed in recent years, the coating of cylinders and rollers to the significantly more wear resistant NICABOR® dispersion. Following our aim to develop custom solutions to meet specific market requirements and customer needs, we have further expanded our R&D capacities in Solingen in recent months spatially, technically and in terms of personnel.