Alternatives in demand

Replacement for Hard Chrome

Due to its mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, Chrome electrolytes are classified by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) in Annex XIV of the REACH regulation as substance of very high concern (SVHC) and recorded to ban them. Although further use could be possible after 2017, by complicated authorization process, in which for each application must be demonstrated, that no alternative method for Hard Chrome plating exists and no one is endangered by the production and coating process. Some industries such as the aviation industry – which have very long development and product cycles – this is too uncertain. Also first companies which commit themselves to sustainability and hereto also oblige their suppliers, increasingly look to alternative solutions.

For applications such as e.g. armatures, glands or hydraulic mine props, the MTV with their Bronze coating since many years already has an excellent Hard Chrome replacement, with significantly higher corrosion resistance and improved emergency running properties. With this Bronze in combination with the alloy MProtect® as a top coat, developed several years ago, NiL35® even a seawater resistance is reached, which allows many offshore applications. NICABOR® was developed by the MTV NT GmbH to reach highest wear resistance through metal finishing for successful application on printing rolls and large pistons and rollers used in steel mills. In many applications NICABOR® layers even exceed intricate and cost-intensive claddings and spray coatings.

In order to offer its customers and partners in the future an alternative coating for traditional applications of functional Hard Chrome plating, the MTV NT GmbH has intensified its activities in research and development, with plans to further expand. Already last summer MTV started the development of a Hard Chrome replacement, which now is supported and funded by the government. In the coming months, the MTV laboratory in Solingen will be expanded and additional employees will be hired.