• Hydraulic Cylinders with 60 µm Bronze coating
  • Gear Bearings with internal Bronze coating
  • Complete coated threaded bushes (40 µm)


Highest Corrosion Protection

The electrolytic deposition of bronze is possible since 1935; the use however was initially limited due insufficient layer thicknesses. Since 1986, following intensive development, the MTV NT GmbH delivers different bronze coatings for functional applications with up to several tenths of coating thicknesses.

Due to their specific properties, bronze coatings have proven themselves of value in particular regarding corrosion protection and wear resistance of hydraulic components in the coal mining industry and to date have resulted in the application of over 350,000 bronze plated hydraulic props and roof supports worldwide. Additional areas of application include the food and chemical industries.

Generally the bronze belongs to the most corrosion resistant metals. Further features of bronze coatings are the excellent emergency runability, the toughness and impact resistance.