• Piston rods with Bronze/Hard Chrome coating
  • Piston tube with Soft Chrome & Hard Chrome
  • Cross section of Copper, Bronze and Hard Chrome

Coating Systems

Coating Combinations

Coating Systems are applied where increased demands are made and one layer is not sufficient to fulfil these requirements. The combination of coatings is dependent on the base material, the surface condition and the required resistance against corrosion and abrasive wear.

The MTV NT GmbH has acquired more than 30 years of experience in the application of different coating combinations and has the corresponding processes and required devices for all the coatings shown on the left panel in-house.

Ductile barrier layers such as Soft Chrome or Electroless Nickel are suitable if parts are dynamically loaded and a high corrosion resistance is demanded. If the base material shows defects, Nickel Sulfamate or Bronze coatings with good micro throwing power should be used.

Surfaces with a high degree of wear resistance such as Hard ChromeMProtect® and NICABOR® are applied, if e.g. low friction is essential or extreme environmental conditions exist.

Coating Systems