• Internal coating of CASTOR containers (96 t)
  • 48" taps of petrochemical industry
  • Nickel plating of 118 t machine parts

Coating of XXL Components

Our specialty

Components and equipment parts needed for some types of plants, for example, refineries or wind farms, are increasingly designed to be larger and larger in order to improve efficiency and, with that, cost effectiveness. In addition, many customers, such as suppliers for the renewable energies industries, which need significantly increased resistance to ever more extreme environmental conditions, have also been requesting new applications, especially in recent years. Often they also want extended warranties with longer expected lifespan.

In modern plants, such as in petrochemicals, incineration or offshore applications, very aggressive and abrasive conditions dominate, making conventional coatings insufficient. More and more, completely new construction and design approaches as well as specialty coating processes must be used in order to implement these. This can imply a new type of coating or an innovative or just unusual depositing process.

For instance, coating components that are metres long and thick or that weigh tons can clearly not be handled the same way as conventional drum or rack items. Here, first of all, very special requirements for logistics in the loading and moving of such XXL components are needed. But also being able to coat several thousand dm² surface of integrated system technology at one time, starting with baths of huge electrolyte volumes, through pumps and heating all the way to the rectifiers and turning contacts, is a very unique challenge.

By specially developing alloys and dispersions for the application which are co-deposited using electrolytes, a metallic, atomic bond is created to the base material that then behaves like a compound material. Through this process, even thin layers achieve an outstanding resistance against corrosion and abrasive wear. This opens many new possibilities for constructing and designing machines and plants since expensive and very difficult to work with materials don’t need to be used as base materials.

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