• Comb roller (6.8 t) with copper-plated gears
  • 3.9 t Carrier plates for quetten hardening presses
  • Tube mold with 3000 µm copper coating


Cyanide & Sulphoric

Copper is an easily mechanical treatable metal with various benefits, which allows a wide range of applications. It can be electrolytic deposited and it is preferably used when a diffusion barrier against hydrogen and carbon is needed on machine parts. On certain base materials, it is also used as a copper strike to improve the adhesion strength.

Copper electrolytes have excellent throwing power, so that even complicated formed parts can be well coated. The deposited coatings are soft but very tough, impact resistant and ductile. Additionally they are also very well weldable and solderable and show excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper is corrosion resistant against water, salt solutions and acids (unless they are not oxidizing once) and therefore it is the base of many layer systems.

The MTV is using cyanide and acid copper electrolytes to deliver optimal technical solutions and fulfil or even exceed specific customer needs. These copper coatings have compressive stress, are of high purity and can be deposited in practically unlimited thickness.