Only the coating capable of application

The natural state of most metals is an oxide. In the smelter, oxygen is extracted from the metal oxide by use of energy and pure metal is obtained. However, metal will readily return to its original oxidized state when exposed to oxygen and water. The less precious the metal, the faster the reaction. This is called corrosion.

Industrial machines and plant constructions are often produced from materials which are available in large technical quantity at low cost and which allow for easy processing. On the opposite of these advantages stand insufficient technical properties in terms of corrosion and wear resistance, which result in limited industrial use. Only the deposition of a protective coating allows such components to function properly and fulfil the posed requirements.

Thus the MTV NT GmbH is also engaged intensely in tribology, as this influences the choice of material choice and surface topography directly. Specifically developed alloys and dispersions reduce the wear of components and extend their life time.