Further license partner

Cooperation with Plating Solutions (NL)

On September 18th Klaus Wilbuer and Ernst Dijkstra signed an extensive license and cooperation agreement which enables the company Plating Solutions the application and marketing of the innovative coating processes and the know-how of the company MTV NT GmbH. MTV NT GmbH is technology and market leader in the field of functional surface technology as well as the development of new functional coatings for highest corrosion protection and wear resistance. Plating Solutions in Lelystad (NL) stands for the successful coating of large piston rods and pipes as well as cylinder and rollers up to a length of 12,000 mm and is for many years a reliable partner of the offshore industry.

With the sea water resistant NiL35® and the Bronze, Plating Solutions in future has two electrolytic coating processes with superior corrosion protection, which exceeds the increased requirements of the market. Furthermore, NICABOR® offers an extreme economic coating process with excellent protection against abrasive wear. Plating Solutions’ possibilities for large components and the contacts to the offshore industry ideally completes the offer from MTV. The partnership is therefore also a consequent continuation of the marketing strategy from MTV to get complete market coverage with these innovative surface Technologies.