Great Ideas

Requirement-oriented coating systems

In most cases, companies in the metal finishing industry are small, or medium sized enterprises. For this reason, they often cannot provide complex and best solutions (total customer requirements) and are possibly not able to deal with international acting customers. Moreover, the markets are becoming more dynamic and even more complex. The growing requirement of the industry more and more cannot be covered by one single process or supplier (job shop) Through intelligent partnerships and/or strategic alliances surface coaters can optimize their resources in both, processes and geographically.

In such Cooperation/License Agreement/Know How Transfer, complex requirements of also big ww acting companies can be satisfied and new additional markets technically and geographically can be developed. Additionally this is a USP, and can create advantage against any competition and will be the key point of the surface technology in the industry 4.0

Today, most industrial parts must be “finished” to bring top technological products competitive in the market or even to obtain the necessary or desired properties for their use.

The combination of the coatings depends on the base material and the surface condition as well as the required and desired properties of the component. If this is e.g. dynamically loaded and requires high corrosion resistance, ductile, electro-deposited coatings, such as Bronze and Nickel Sulfamate with excellent adhesion to the substrate is very suitable. Hard coatings such as Hard Chrome, ceramic or even sprayed PVD coatings with hardness above 1000 HV due to their disadvantage to cracking, porosity or layer growth defects usually insufficient for corrosion protection. In composite multilayers hard coatings with its low friction and high wear resistance are therefore used primarily only as a topcoat.

Customized hybrid coating systems can significantly improve the properties of a component, thus ensuring the product the decisive technological competitive advantage or help even for new applications. At MTV NT GmbH in Solingen we therefore plate for years in cooperation with other process provider components for the global market. So customers, applications and markets can be served, which would not be possible without alliances. True to the motto:

great ideas are created together!

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