• Printing Cylinder with 120 µm Hard Chrome
  • Chromed cylinder in wood panels presses
  • Soft / Hard Chrome coated mining props

Hard Chrome

High Wear Protection

At MTV NT GmbH hard chrome layers are deposited out of electrolytic baths in a micro-cracked manner and mirror the structure of the base material exactly. Hence, a careful pre-treatment of the surface by for example blasting, grinding or finishing is very important. For a layer thickness of greater than 20 µm the cracks overlap so much that they no longer reach the component part.

Hard Chrome layers are characterized by an excellent resistance to wear and provide many components a lifelong protection against high mechanical stress and in abrasive environment. Corrosion resistance in humid atmosphere, and the dynamic loadability of Hard Chrome layers, however, are limited.

An increase in corrosion resistance is achieved by the plating of double and triple chrome layers as well as the so-called duplex plating by combining with other layers. Here, mainly Soft Chrome offers itself as an additional barrier layer, deposited directly on the base material.

At MTV NT GmbH Soft Chrome layers are deposited in separate electrolytes with special process parameters. This results in more ductile layers with about 550 HV hardness and significantly lower crack structure, which increase the dynamic strength and corrosion resistance of components.

Hard Chrome