MTV receives award

Innovative through own R&D

The MTV NT GmbH in Solingen was awarded with the cachet “Innovative by Research” by the Donors’ Association for German Science. Thus, the federation honors the research and development activities of MTV in the field of functional surface technology. This includes the activities of MTV in the development of innovative galvanic layers and the corresponding coating processes.

So already in the mid-80s MTV NT GmbH has developed a special Bronze for significant developed improvement of corrosion protection on machine parts and hydraulic components, followed by the process for the electrolytic inside coating of up to 100 tons heavy CASTOR containers. With the extremely wear resistant NICABOR® and absolute seawater resistant coating, NiL35® in recent year’s two methods have been launched into the market, to exceed the increasing demands of many applications such as the offshore industry. At present, MTV woks on the development of a hard chrome replacement, which also the federal government promoted and financially supported. At the same time, the R&D lab is expanded at the site Solingen and searched according to new employees.

On their booth as part of the joint ZVO booth B28/25 in hall 9 on the O&S fair from June 24 to 26 in Stuttgart, the MTV NT GmbH will report about the current state of research and development.