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  • CASTOR® loading in wet storage of NPP
  • Absorber Element (6 m long)
  • Wet storage in the nuclear power plant (NPP)


Neutron Absorbing

NIBSORB® is a process for coating absorber elements that was developed by the MTV NT GmbH as part of an order and with the assistance of the Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH (GNS) for spent fuel pools and wet storage at nuclear power plants (NPP) as well as transport and storage containers (such as CASTOR®).

Neutron absorbing coatings are produced via electrolytic deposition of neutron-capturing, boron-containing solid particles within a ductile Nickel Sulfamate matrix. These coatings can be deposited on carrier materials of any geometry, enabling the production of absorber elements that need to meet specific requirements.

NIBSORB® consists of an extremely pure and compressively stressed nickel dispersion layer, which can be applied in an unlimited coating thickness. The solid particles have a mean grain size of 6-8 µm and are deposited within the matrix at high concentration and homogeneity.

With the election of the solid particles to be deposited (e.g. natural or isotope loaded boron carbide) and technically worthwhile deposition rates of 15-25 % volume fraction, adjusted and very effective neutron shields can be achieved according to function and application case. As already with thin NIBSORB® layer thicknesses traditional equivalent absorber elements can be replaced, significant weight and space savings are the consequence. Additionally a shielding efficiency can be reached which obviously outperform alternatives such as boron steel.

NIBSORB®-layers characterize it selves by a good corrosion and wear resistance and therefore are suited not only very well for transport and storage container of highly radioactive materials and nuclear fuel elements and in glass melted rest materials from the atomic reprocessing, but also for spent fuel pools and wet storage in nuclear power plants (NPP) where boric acid-containing coolant is used.