NICABOR vs Spray coating

Coating of XXL Pistons

After a world market leader of printing machines for their blanket and plate cylinders has changed from a ceramic spray coating to electrolytically plated NICABOR®, now also a leading machine and equipment builder has specified this process for the finishing of their pistons.

NICABOR® will be applied regarding the expected very high load of the huge pistons the customer’s big drop forges and forming presses. The challenge was to get both, highest wear resistance and the required surface quality and corrosion resistance for hydraulic application on pistons with dimensions up to Ø 1900 x 5700 mm and a weight of 67000 kg.

MTV NT GmbH realized this by vertical, rotative coating of the pistons with a combination of two layers. First Nickel Sulfamate was plated, because Nickel Sulfamate offers an excellent micro throwing ability and fills the pores of the cast steel. As top coat NICABOR® was used, because this extremely wear resistant coating is already approved since years in the EUROPIPE press on which (beside other things) the tubes for the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany where bended.