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  • Printing Cylinder with 200 µm NICABOR®
  • With 60 µm NICABOR® coated rotary pistons
  • Hydraulic cylinders in abrasive environments


Highest Wear Protection

NICABOR® is an in-house development by the MTV NT GmbH, which provides excellent corrosion resistance combined with superior protection against abrasive wear. NICABOR® is an electrolytic surface finish, where solid particles are deposited within a ductile Nickel Sulfamate matrix. This combination provides components with an excellent wear resistance.

NICABOR® can be deposited in an unlimited coating thickness. Even coatings of large components and parts with complex geometry as well as internal coatings are possible in a cost-efficient way. Hence, the NICABOR® coating offers a technically as well as financially excellent alternative to cost intensive processes such as spray coatings and claddings, which so far have been used under difficult conditions and abrasive wear.

NICABOR® is a nickel dispersion where boron carbide particles – with a mean grain size of approx. 1 µm – are deposited highly concentrated (volume fraction approx. 15 %) and homogeneously distributed in the coating matrix. Boron carbide has a Mohs hardness of 9.3 and is therefore also known as black diamond. These particles in combination with the ductile nickel matrix achieve excellent system properties with very good corrosion and outstanding wear resistance.