• Comprehensive rack and device fundus
  • Special contacts for rotators
  • Special anode construction for homogeneous layer distribution

Racks, Jigging, Masking, etc.

Own locksmith workshop

Optimal pretreatment prepares the parts for successful plating. According to the state of the parts we offer different mechanical treatment processes as for example turning, grinding and polishing (see also: Mechanical Treatment).

Our in-house locksmith department ensures the fast and efficient construction of racks and devices so that elements such as anodes, masks or turning devices are readily available in a component-specific manner. Any kind of pretreatment of the parts, including jigging and masking is carried out in a separate hall as to keep the parts clean and away from a corrosive environment.

In any case, all parts are cleaned and degreased in alkaline conditions at approx. 80°C in a washer system and if required also demagnetized, before they are transferred to the electro-plating process at the MTV NT GmbH.

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