• Activation of a damaged turbine shaft
  • Repair coating a gear hub (4 t)
  • Selectron repair process

Repair Coatings

Resource-saving repair

The repair of damaged parts or faulty treatments is a cost-efficient and qualitatively high-value alternative to manufacturing a new part. This provides the possibility to return components to their intended operation quickly, while using resources wisely.

A reliable partner who has comprehensive experience with repair coatings and is willing and able to break new grounds if needed is important for a short cycle time and on-time delivery.

For many years now the MTV NT GmbH is repairing even big parts with complex geometry and made of different base materials fast and efficiently. Our innovation team embraces new challenges daily to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers. Individual on-site repair is also possible for exceptionally large and heavy parts.

The Selectron process from MTV NT GmbH is a special method for the selective rework and repair of damaged surface coatings. In this tampon-electro-plating method the electrolyte is distributed in a piece of cotton which is wrapped around a graphite anode.

The part to be plated represents the cathode, just as in the bath-based plating method. If the anode is positioned on the work piece, selective layers are deposited when a voltage is applied.

The Selectron process technology is suitable for many applications. This method is highly successful and cost-effective especially for hydraulic and printing cylinders as well as in the heavy mechanical engineering industry. The process also fulfils specifications as for example MIL Standard 865c (military technology), Naviships 0900-038-6010 (ship constructions) or QQ 416a (aviation).

Selectron Process