• Fully automatic coating system
  • Galettes for the textile industry

Serial Production

Components up to 3,000 mm and 3500 kg

For series production, the MTV NT GmbH in a fully automated coating facility currently has 48 tubs with 18 active plating tanks available. In this coating line, with up to 8 m³ bath volume, both, special single parts as well as large numbers of identical articles can be coated. In addition, all components, which have to be plated at the MTV NT GmbH, in advance will be alkaline cleaned in a wash system at 80°C and demagnetized if needed.

The fully automated monitoring and recording of all manufacture and process parameters as well as the continuous process and bath analytics before, during and after the coating guarantee the compliance with agreed specifications and standards. Rotation-symmetrical parts as for example printing and hydraulic cylinders are deposited vertically rotativ, to guarantee a homogeneous, dimensional high-quality coating.

Part Sizes

Supply Portfolio