• CASTOR containers for the nuclear industry
  • Plating of large carrier plates

Special Coatings

Components up to Ø 3,200 x 7,000 mm and 100 t

Plating of single parts, form-complex and/or very large work pieces as well as the deposition of special coatings are carried out in separate tanks or specifically designed equipment. Depending on size and state of the respective parts, the MTV NT GmbH currently has available various tanks with diameters up to 3,700 mm and length up to 7,000 mm for the pre-treatment and plating.

In our special production rotation-symmetrical parts, such as large rollers and pistons if possible are plated vertically rotativ, to ensure a homogeneous, dimensional high-quality coating. So recently, we have coated the pistons with Ø 1,900 x 5,700 mm for the world’s biggest forging press at the MTV NT GmbH under use of a self-developed 70 t rotary contact.

Part Sizes

Supply Portfolio