Successful show

Oberflächen & Schichten 2014

With great success the MTV NT GmbH presented the innovative coatings NICABOR® and NiL35® at this year’s international trade fair – Oberflächen & Schichten – in Stuttgart to a wide user audience.

With NiL35®, a coating combination of the two alloys Bronze and MProtect®, the MTV NT GmbH has already developed two years ago an alternative coating for Hard Chrome and its combination with Nickel Sulfamate for applications in high corrosive atmosphere like e.g. offshore or the chemical industry. During the past months the hardness (now ~800 HV) and scratch resistance of the top coat MProtect® were further improved and with it recently the side load test with 8.827 t and 2,000 cycles at Montanhydraulik for the end customer LIEBHERR was successfully passed. First comparative tests with MProtect® as single protective coating show very promisingly results, that Hard Chrome could be replaced directly in various applications.

Furthermore it shows; that this alloy has an outstanding resistance against intercrystalline corrosion and absolutely no wearing off happens. Therefore the MTV NT GmbH further increases the R&D activities in this area.