• Mold with a 5.000 µm coating
  • Nickel sulfamate coated panel wall
  • Nickel plating of large flanges

Thick Nickel Plating

Electro Forming

If a Nickel Sulfamate layer of more than 100 µm is deposited on a work piece by electro-plating at the MTV NT GmbH, it is called thick nickel plating. This layer can have a thickness of up to 10 mm and is preferentially deposited as a protective coating on new parts used in the steel and chemical industry as for example moulds or panel walls in boiler plants.

Another important application area is the repair of damaged or faulty work pieces (see also: Repair Coatings). If thick Nickel Sulfamate layers are deposited and then again separated from a work piece, so that the surface is copied in its contour and structure, this is called electro forming.

These forms can be used as tools in the field of mould construction. Due to the extremely precise copying, even structures on the nanometer scale can be reproduced.

Nickel Sulfamate